Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I am tidying out the office over the next few days, and just had to blog this.  Today, I found an index book in which I had started to log my personal goals and where I would like to be in 5 years time. 


Writer / publisher : well yes you could say that I do a little bit of blogging and in 2006 / 7 started writing my historical novel, with one chapter to finish, called "Flandrina's Conquest".  Also if you stay tuned you will see my serialisation of another long lost treasure here on VOMblog called "Steak and Oyster Pie".  I also know how to publish my own work without having to pay for it and going through the process of trying to find a publisher even if they would accept my style of writing and inflict the world with it.  So on the whole we are getting there ...

£20,000 per annum : sorry but I would love at least 10% of that at the moment, it would certainly solve a few financial questions.

Visits to holiday home : yeh, but mainly someone else's.

More time with the grandchildren : well they are growing up now and have their own friends.

Give more back : now this I can wholeheartedly say I am doing, as I have organised a class locally for Eastern European neighbours to teach them my own language for free and learn theirs, along with some voluntary work, and an appearance as a Calendar Girl for the Bramhall Village Calendar in aid of St Ann's Hospice.

Second home abroad for family and friends : well what do you think?

Improved marriage : I think, even though we still don't always see eye to eye on all subjects, we are friends and have learned to give each other space, and I think that is crucial to a successful marriage.

So be careful for what you wish.   It doesn't always turn out the way you would like it too, but you know along the way you learn new skills, discover the real you, and even if you do not reach your goals, you always achieve something.  It is not a crushing blow to know that I did not achieve all my goals, but I am proud of the ones that I have, and  yes, there is always the next 5 years isn't there!  I suppose the lesson in all this, is never give up!

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