Tuesday, 22 December 2009


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This is a note to say thank you to all my business colleagues, friends and family who have helped me over the past couple of years.  There are no words to express how much I have appreciated your support.  It has been an uphill struggle having to overcome serious health problems, which brings along with it grief of a kind, and still perform a service. You have all made me a strong person, whatever your contribution to this 'climb' to create a successful business.  

In life there will always be mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome, and this is what makes you stronger, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  We all have to take responsibility for our actions and the decisions we make whether they are good or bad.  I believe though that you must go with your gut feeling, have faith in your own ability, and be determined to hold a positive outlook whatever 'is on the other side'. Sometimes we will lose, but isn't that what makes us who we really are?  Isn't it a privelege to be someone who knows the dizzy heights of joy and the depths of sorrow and disappointment?  To feel is to experience.  What is life and love without experience?

I know that 2010 will bring more challenges, but I wish you abundance and every success in the coming year and hopefully we will endure it all together as we have until now.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009


One of the things that I hate most of all are lies, and people lying to me.
""Those who learn that they have been lied to,” says the book Lying—Moral Choice in Public and Private Life, “are wary of new overtures. And they look back on their past beliefs and actions in the new light of the discovered lies.” After deception has been exposed, a relationship that once flourished with open communication and trust may be stifled by suspicion and doubt."
Unwittingly giving incorrect information, is not the same as telling a lie.  It does however show that care needs to be taken before speaking.

Stop and think about what you are doing, even before uttering what some people call a "white lie", whatever colour it is, it is still a LIE!

The results of Lies can be devastating:

  • Mistrust between marital partners and family members

  • Damaging to a person's reputation

  • Increases operating costs and leading to more expensive products

  • Robs governments of taxes to provide public services

  • Ruins promising careers and tarnishes reputations

  • Divests investors of their life savings

  • So how can you improve the potential of your business, when you cannot be sure whether someone is going to lie to you and possibly cause damage to your livelihood?  No matter what, ALWAYS be the one to work honestly and truthfully, making every effort not to fall into a trap of lying, even in small matters, to protect yourself or others against potential harm or loss of business.  Why?

    We owe it to ourselves and to the global community to encourage strong trusting relationships within business.  Some have lied so much that they have begun to believe what they are saying.  For them it will be hard to change old habits but think of the positive results of turning around the devastating effects of dishonesty.

    For some of us, we are related to our business partners, so this means that honesty is no less mandatory in such a relationship.  In my daily working life, I have seen the results of dishonesty in business, and family relationships, and it can be ugly casting suspicion and doubt on a once open and trusting relationship.

    It would be easy to think that the liars are the ones that succeed when the truth sayers do not!  Yes, maybe so!  However, I do believe that even when the worst happens, that you can turn a bad situation into a successful experience by continuing to tell the truth.  Lying causes damage not only to individuals but to the community as a whole and more so to the person telling them.  They do not win, really!  Think of the energy and resourcefulness they use to maintain a false story, including the sleepless nights.  Even when they believe they are right, a person has to continue to announce their honesty to keep their own belief systems alive.

    So to heal the community, each one doing their best to speak truth can begin the process of covering over the sins of the past.

    The results of Truth :

  • Strong, abiding family relationships

  • A good reputation and feelings of self worth

  • Reasonably priced products and cheaper trading costs

  • Fully operating well funded public services

  • Respected institutions promoting promising careers

  • Investment schemes with proper returns

  • Now tell me, which would you rather have?
    "The man of faithful acts will get many blessings, but he that is hastening to gain riches will not remain innocent." - Proverbs 28:20
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